Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Name

Most of the SoC projects deal with existing projects. However, I'm going to create the new one. And every project needs some name.

So for now I'll pick up the codename hpysics — it's "physics" with two first letters swapped. The first "h" indicates that engine is written in Haskell (this is a convention which lots of Haskell projects use).

Maybe I'll change the name at some point, so if you have some suggestions, please share them!


e.v.e said...

Сегодня твой пост появился в фиде Planet Haskell...

Название отличное =)

Roman Cheplyaka said...

Ага, я отправлял заявку еще несколько недель назад, но только сейчас приняли почему-то.

Спасибо :)