Monday, May 26, 2008

The first day

Today my coding period has started.

Some initial code is darcs-pushed to Now I want my mentors to look at the data structures I've defined and tell me if some of they won't play nicely with NDP.

Then, my nearest plans are to get basic collision handling working. Also, though I planned visualization for the late June, I probably will do it earlier -- it's very tempting to see your physics engine produces plausible results.


Anton Tayanovskyy said...

Roman, I just discovered your blogs and I'm excited. Are you still giving FP-related lectures? If you later consider giving a talk on your experience with DPH / Physics modelling, I'm sufficiently interested to come to Odessa for a weekend (I reside in Kyiv). Good luck with the project.


Roman Cheplyaka said...

I finished the course, its program is available here.
I certainly will consider giving a talk about my project, probably at some of the meetings.
Thanks for your interest!