Wednesday, July 2, 2008

V-Clip seems to work!

Finally, I've got V-Clip working. At least now (after one bugfix) it always terminates -- quite encouraging for such algorithm!

*Properties> quickCheck prop_VClipTerminates 
OK, passed 100 tests.
32% Done, ("Edge","Edge").
14% Done, ("Edge","Vertex").
11% Done, ("Vertex","Edge").
10% Done, ("Face","Vertex").
8% Penetration, ("Face","Vertex").
8% Done, ("Vertex","Face").
7% Done, ("Vertex","Vertex").
5% Penetration, ("Vertex","Face").
3% Penetration, ("Face","Edge").
2% Penetration, ("Edge","Face").

The next step in testing will be visualizing cubes collisions -- and I'm still moving towards rotation!