Friday, April 3, 2009

Hpysics + GrapeFruit (and hackathon)

The 5th Haskell Hackathon will be the place where Hpysics will meet Grapefruit — a library for Functional Reactive Programming with a focus on user interfaces. It means that one of our goal on Hac5 is integrating Grapefruit with Hpysics.

Tonight we held an IRC meeting where this and other goals of Grapefruit were discussed. The main points (regarding Hpysics) are:

  • There are people interested in Hpysics (and particularly in Hpysics+Grapefruit)
  • There should be no problems to integrate Hpysics with Grapefruit. However, in the new version of Grapefruit there are no means of visualization yet. We'll need to tackle this at Hackathon, too.