Thursday, May 11, 2017

Best Beaches in Casablanca

Dakhla, Essaouira and El Hoceima, visitors know about the famous beaches, but it's not just the places that can make you feel incredible. At Casa, there are many places and beaches are second to none in their beautiful landscapes.

Mohammedia is gorgeous:

The beach is located 20 km north of Monica Casablanca where the environment is cleaner and less crowded. Traveling by train, it is 20 minutes and by using a large taxi, it will take 25 minutes. If you take the train, you should bring a small taxi again to shore distance is relative because Monica is far from the train station.

There are many beaches, more and less crowded. Truly a favorite beach is Monica for many tourists and not so dense and was overrun by tourists. The beach is rough, some say not safe to go to the beach in Morocco because it is not protected. This simply means that the wild more calm because they are pure, passive and fresh. Profitable, nature intact and beautiful! Monica Beach full of rocks, sand-tender and bright. There are also sand dunes where you can hike and see the sea from above.


The beach is located 20 km south of Tamaris Casablanca and some say also in Casablanca. To approach the coast, you better have your own car, because the public train on the Tamaris is not there. You can also venture in white along the mall near a taxi from Morocco but they will drop you off at the center of the city. No trains were available to go to the Tamaris.

In history, the Tamaris is a simple village a few years ago but now, this is the resort for Caseous who want to celebrate the holiday weekend and summer them in their private villas at the seaside.

During the summer the beach in the lively season compared relative Tamaris others. Beach Babylon is the most famous but also many who did not like it there.

There are far more places to relax – there is the preferred of the cliffs at the cafe. The beach is hidden behind the cliffs so that friendly and pretty cafes with gesekannya just close.

El Jadida:

This great country great beach is just 100 km south of the city of Casablanca. If you want to approach this coast then the Transport such as the railways will take one hour, shared taxi from Route de Jadida or car takes 30 or 45 minutes. So up in Jadida by using the public transport, you should take a taxi is not significant to the beach Houzia.

Can you see these fractions? That's a fabulous Houzia Beach and the most beautiful in El Jadida.
The city is filled with delightful spaces for sunbathing, but Houzia her favorite bubbly to nature develops its wild and secret Japan debris from the 70s.

The fact is that the beach is not protected so that not many people go there, but it is recommended for you if you love nature and harmony. This is a similar case with Monica in Mohammedia-passive and hygienic, away from the crowds, not the best place to live alone at night in a cheap holiday Morocco. Many people say this is for security reasons.
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