Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thailand in All Its Beauty

The land of smiles, Thailand is a country entranced. Hundreds of island and metropolitan capital makes it unique destination for its visitors. Every traveler pampered according to their budget and would like to explore this magnificent country. It has the best attractions in the world. From delicious cuisine, shopping, vacations and vision, every tourist feel pampered. Break – taking a beach, a beautiful and impressive temples, to the modern urban city, Thailand is a treasure which the bored is not even an option. Prepare to be blown away by this exotic Thailand.

Float your way to market

Thailand floating market, thrilling, and shows an insight into local culture. Damnoen Saduak floating market is the largest and most popular. Its market is located about 100 km outside Bangkok. This is a good way to start your morning to explore the beautiful Pearl of the country. Narrow canals and small coloured wooden stilts photogenic. Long-tail boat with food, gifts and souvenirs, clothing and fresh produce available. You may have breakfast at the market, the variety of food available to you: noodles noodles, fresh fruit, stir fried rice, spring rolls, coconut pancakes and so on.

Escape to Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a charming destination with stunning beaches, great Big Buddha and various excursions. Chaweng beach is the most common and famous for its 5 km of golden sand. The island boasts a variety of night life and you have a lot of entertainment options. From delicious street food to 5 star dining, you have a choice to your taste. Soak in the local atmosphere to shop. Explore fresh charm.

Thai Massage

Experience a massage in Thailand Thailand style is the most refreshing feeling. This style of massage is popular all over the world and unique. Thailand-style massage focusing on pressure points, it enhances your body. The treatment begins with the feet and keep moving upwards towards the head. Methods such as the emphasis of rhythm and maneuver used to relax and realign the energies in the body. A number of different pressure used for the energy channels throughout the body with Ayurvedic principles to balance one's energy. Every city and small town has many massage rooms and the price is cheap compared to what you would pay at home.

Trip to Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is the sheer beauty that tickle the fantasy of all men. The stunning beaches, stunning rock formations, crystal clear, calm waters and turquoise that are digelitik with marine life carefree. It has a dynamic and lively evening. It has world class diving and have rock climbing. Classic classic classic Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach" and James Bond were shot here.

Indulge in some street food

Dream street food, gastronomical Thailand is a classic experience in Thailand. Wherever you go, there are plenty of food stalls. Truly heavenly wandering in the streets and secure. You can see what was cooked and fresh. You interact with locals, authentic touch. The food is delicious and cheap. You can go to the same place every night and has various kinds of food. Street food is pure and unique way to connect with local culture.

White chunks of Thailand

"Wat Rong Khun", White Shrine very interesting attention. This is a unique Buddhist temples and modern which is a 20 minute drive south of Chiang Mai. It was conceptualized and developed by artists Chalermchai Kositpipat Ajarn, Thailand. The artists showcased a real representation of what he thinks is an obstacle to the path of enlightenment. The use of discounted eyeglasses in plaster flickering in the Sun. The color white represents the purity of the Buddha, the glass conveys the wisdom of the Buddha and the Buddhist teachings of Dhamma. The design does not have a traditional style of other Buddhist temples throughout Thailand. This saw the fortress style of Game of Thrones.

Koh Phangan

The interesting part of this stunning island absolutely undeniable. From a beautiful beach with fine sand that gently up to the dense jungle is hattrick island. Koh Phangan is identical with the party. Every month, more than thousands of people granted them full moon party when the Moon is full. The spiritual side of this island consists of 20 temples and has a small fishing village with a peaceful air and unique. The island is full of adventure and outdoor activities: diving, snorkeling, Sea Garden Angthong, kiteboarding and yoga.

Explore Sukhothai by bike

Sukhothai means dawn of happiness. It is a UNESCO world heritage city because it has a large number of historical sites and the ruins of the temple. The number one attraction is the Sukhothai Historical Park. While visiting the area, try it for a few moments in the garden nearest Historic Si Satchanalai. The ruins of the Temple of the must-see is the Wat Mahathat and the giant Buddha sat at Wat Si Chum. Finally, try the popular noodle fish named region Kuay thiao Sukhothai.

Try a cooking class

Thailand food was absolute ecstasy. The balance of sweet, spicy and salty in the same dish. This is a fun combination. The food is healthy, full of flavour and colour. Fresh herbs, spices and fermented fish sauce is used in almost every meal. Thailand cuisine is nutritious as fresh vegetables, lean meats and seafood used. Cuisine of Thailand easily learned and for the foodies out there, this is very valuable.

Watch a boxing match

Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai. This is the national sport of Thailand. If you are sports fans, this is an experience that must be monitored and the atmosphere is electric sensations in the stadium. Muay Thai is known throughout the world, it attracts many visitors and tourists. Teespring grandma shirtEvery city and town has a Muay Thai stadium but the best places and the largest can be found in Bangkok. Experience the authentic fight while you are in Thailand.

Thailand is a destination that is addictive and eco-friendly. This is a collection of surprises and offers everything from seducing the beaches, enchanting culture, delicious cuisine and delicious. The locals are friendly and they have a relaxed approach to life everyday. Thailand is a country full of color in many ways. Make your trip worthwhile and dynamic while exploring this vibrant country with a diverse range of activities.

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